Monthly Betenu President’s Message
Elsa Conrad – October 7, 2015

As October gets underway, preparations for winter to begin in earnest, from generator purchases to squirrels storing nuts for the winter. And in some sense, we prepare for a winter of cold and sometimes snowy shabbats by maximizing our chances to experience Jewish community while the weather is fine. Certainly, the High Holy Days and the special feelings they engender gave us a spiritual boost. We once again say thanks to all those who contributed and most particularly to Rabbi Emeritus Joshua Segal, Cantorial Soloist Howard Solomon and keyboardist Dan Murphy.

But special moments do not have to end with the High Holy Days. Perhaps it was holiday overload that led to our Sukkot celebration of song and torah to be somewhat more intimate than we hoped. However, those present benefitted as we renewed our attachment to Torah from start to finish (or more precisely, from finish to start).

As we move through fall, in addition to our regularly scheduled Friday services and student participation services, we have three upcoming highlights with three different rabbis. Your presence will go a long way to creating a warm welcome on these evenings:
Please join us for these events, with others to come.

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