Rabbi's Message: Volume 25, No. 1: Aug. 2007 - Elul 5767


Volume 25, No. 1: Aug. 2007 - Elul 5767

Subject: Rabbi's Message: Aug. 2007 - Elul 5767: Deut. 10:12 And now Israel, what does God require of you ?

As we begin this, the 25th year of Betenu, we include but a handful of our original members. But we remain a strong vibrant Jewish voice and a strong Jewish option in Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.

As I work with my Bnei Mitzvah students, I often give assignments that wind up not being done. The truth is, I've never had a Bar or Bat Mitzvah canceled because an assignment wasn't done. It might result in the student reading one less prayer or in me making a choice about a song or a paragraph of liturgy that I would rather my student have made.

On the level of temple operations, we have never suspended operations for lack of an officer or a committee or a social event. But, the first Torah portion of the new fiscal year includes the verse, "And now Israel, what does God require of you: to fear God; to love God; and to serve God with all your heart and soul; and to observe Mitzvot." There are many ways that the above phrase can be realized in the context of life and living. I hope that at least a part of our living up to this verse of Torah in the New Year will include Betenu and I am reminded: half of success is showing up.

For those of you who already work for the betterment of Congregation Betenu, thanks. To those of you who already show up, thank you to you too.


Joshua L. Segal

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