Rabbi's Message: Volume 24, No. 12: Jul. 2007 - Tammuz 5767


Volume 24, No. 12: Jul. 2007 - Tammuz 5767

Subject: Rabbi's Message: Jul. 2007 - Tammuz 5767: Summer Services

About a decade ago, I was leading a Torah study group with 3-couples. It was an enthusiastic group who attended religiously. One Friday after one couple skipped, they came up to me and said, "We really intended to be at Torah study. But we were invited to a party. We figured we'd go in, pay our respects and come to Torah study. After being at the party for half-an-hour, we realized that no one else was coming. So we stayed at party out of kindness to the hosts." There are few things worse than throwing a party when no one shows up.

When I was in my 20's, I belonged to a small congregation in Chelmsford. Over the summer, their Rabbi, who was part time like me, was on vacation. A core group of 8 to 10 people formed who believed that it was their responsibility to be there to share Shabbat and to keep the temple open for the occasional yahrzeit or guest who might be passing through. As part of that core, I loved the intimacy of the small-summer group.

As we come into summer, I hope that many of you will become part of that core that will keep Betenu as a functional venu over the summer.

Whether it is services, social events or life cycle events, showing up will help us realize: how blessed we are by virtue of the relationships that we have or that we can develop with each other!

From Karen and me, happy summer!


Joshua L. Segal

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