Rabbi's Message: Volume 25, No. 11: Jun. 2007 - Sivan 5768


Volume 25, No. 11: Jun. 2007 - Sivan 5768

Subject: Rabbi's Message: Jun. 2007 - Sivan 5768: Reprising the 25-year Event

Reprising a few comments from the May 10th event, I want to thank you all for the tremendous effort to which you went to make that very special event. The food was good, the music was great and the phasing of the speeches allowed for no dead time And from my perspective, it was wonderful to hear that my work of the last quarter century was truly appreciated.

They say congregation-rabbi relationships are very much like a marriage. And Betenu has been a perfect match for the Kolbo (little bit of everything) rabbinate that I sought and that Betenu offers me.

It's been a great 25-years. I've skied with over 2-dozen Betenu members, sharing my spiritual insights on skiing with anyone who will listen. But more important than skiing, I've enjoyed Bnei Mitsvah and confirmations with many of you; weddings with a few of you; and mourned at funerals and memorial services with some of you. To advertise 25-more years would bring me to age-87 and if my health and brain hold up, who knows? But I'm pretty sure that 10 to 15 more are well with in the range of the constitution with which God has blessed me.

Note to all of Betenu's Confirmands: Please join us on Friday, June 6, 7:30PM to welcome the next confirmation class and to sign their certificates.

Parents of Betenu Confirmands of years gone by: In years past, I tried to send a personal invitation to the confirmation service to each previous confirmand. Over the years, more and more of the invitations are coming back: "return-to-sender-address-unknown" and it is just too difficult to maintain that list/data base. So I am relying on you to tell them: Friday, June 6, 7:30PM.


Joshua L. Segal

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