Rabbi's Message: Volume 21, No. 4: Nov. 2003 - Heshvan 5764


Volume 21, No. 4: Nov. 2003 - Cheshvan 5764

Subject: Rabbi's Message: Nov. 2003 - Cheshvan 5764:
A Jewish Reference Library at Betenu

In these days of the internet, many are beginning to think that research means having the results of a "google" search!

The big question: Since anything can be put up on the internet, how do I know the truth from propaganda to outright lies!

After one becomes relatively educated on a subject, he/she generally knows the reliable sources. In honor of "National Jewish Book Month", I want to remind you of the excellent resources in our Temple's library. If you find yourself interested in studying more about Judaism, for a small shul, we have an excellent reference section.

Encyclopedias: The Jewish Encyclopedia(JE), Funk and Wagnalls, Copyright 1906 This is a remarkable piece of Jewish scholarship. For events prior to 1900, it is considered to offer a level of scholarship superior to either of the more recent Jewish Encyclopedias written in English.

It is also fully available on the web at: Jewish Encyclopedia so you can look this one up at home.

Universal Jewish Encyclopedia(UJE), New York, NY, Copyright 1941 and the Encyclopaedia Judaica(EJ), Keter Publishing, Jerusalem, Israel, Copyright 1971 are also available in the synagogue.

For Children, we have the 6-volume Junior Judaica published by Keter.

Customs and traditions: The Jewish Book of Why, Kolatch, A. J., Jonathan David Publishers, Middle Village, Copyright 1981 and The Second Jewish Book of Why, Kolatch, A. J., Jonathan David Publishers, Middle Village, Copyright 1985 are an excellent source for many of Judaism questions that begin why do Jews ...

The 1985 volume included many questions not included in the 1981 volume and it has a cumulative index of both volumes.

History: While we have many volumes of history, we also have the six-volume 19th century classic by Graetz. Bible: We have a number of one-volume copies of the Torah and the Prophets, but we also have the 14-volume Soncino Bible with extensive commentary and the 24-volume Prophets/Writings (NaCh) by Judaica Press.
Nehama Leibowitz 7-Volume set of Torah Studies on the Sedras
Crafts and "Do it Yourself" The library also contains the the 3-volume set, titled the "Jewish Catalog" as well as the volume the "Jewish Kid's Catalog". These are excellent for developing a personalized home-practice or personal practice of Judaism, with opportunities to make many of your own objects of Judaica.
So if you are interested in researching a bit more about almost any aspect of Judaism for you, your children or your family, the temple library is an excellent starting point.


Joshua L. Segal, Rabbi

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