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celebrating the funding of our Torah repairs

In the wake of the high holidays, pledges and checks have rolled in, bringing the Torah Fund up to the $11,000 level that we targeted to restore our original Torah. It is anticipated that this work can be accomplished in plenty of time for the high holidays, 5760 (1999). Many thanks to all the donors for bringing Betenu to this proud and happy milestone!

also celebrating our new ark

The cherished Torah scrolls of Congregation Betenu got a beautiful home in a new ark this summer. This ark was specially built for the congregation as a unique piece of art, serving both the practical storage needs for the sacred scrolls and the aesthetic needs of an understated, but exquisite focal point for the sanctuary.

about the Torah Fund

To assure the ongoing maintenance of the Torahs housed by this splendid ark, as well as the aquisition of our second Torah last year, we established the Betenu Torah Fund. The fund began when it was recognized that repairs were needed for our first Torah, donated to Betenu by Rabbi Segal in honor of the thirteenth anniversary of the congregation.

The fund is set up to encourage wide participation, with donors sponsoring various sections of the Torah. Children are invited to donate eighteen cents per letter via the religious school. Adults are invited to donate $1.80 per word or $18.00 per verse. Please make checks payable to Betenu Torah Fund and send them attention Treasurer Hannah Belesca. We will track sponsored verses below on this web page. Please consider sponsoring a verse when you have the honor of reading it; this will allow the fund to be plentiful enough to maintain this precious handiwork well into future generations.

Thanks to many wonderful donors, we reached our initial milestone of $7000, which allowed us to locate and purchase a kosher used Torah for $8000 in time for the high holidays, 5758. We celebrated the arrival of our second Torah throughout the high holidays and held a dedication at Simchat Torah.

An anonymous matching donor helped us make much of the progress toward our goals. Now that we have achieved these milestones, the Torah Fund will still collect money for future maintenance and related expenses the board deems appropriate. The total funds raised thus far exceed $11,000.

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