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Picture of Betenu building front

Donations to Congregation Betenu

Congregation Betenu maintains several different funds to which donors can earmark tax-deductable charitable contributions. The General Fund is applied to various purposes at the discretion of the board.  The Library Fund is used to buy books and related supplies. The Prayer Book Fund is used to keep the sanctuary supplied with books to meet the needs of different services. The Building Fund is used to meet expenses on the current building, as well as to eventually grow or replace the facilities to meet future needs.

Other funds include:

Other donations can be accepted for various purposes. There are a number of ways donations can be commemorated, depending on the amount of the gift, from a simple note of thanks, to a leaf on our Tree of Life or plate on our Memorial board, to the naming of a room or facility.

Donations can be mailed to

Congregation Betenu, attention: Treasurer 
5 Northern Blvd #1
Amherst NH 03031

Please note if the donation is

Please include your name, address and phone number. If you would like an acknowledgement sent to someone else (an honoree, for instance), please provide that name and address too.

Memorial board plates are available for donations of $200. Leaves on the Tree of Life are available for donations of $150 (bronze), $250 (silver), $500 (gold, lower tree half) or $1,000 (gold, upper tree half).   Forms for ordering these can be downloaded or printed by clicking on the links below. Please send your completed form to the Betenu office, together with your donation.  If you have questions or would like assistance with the form (for example with spelling of Hebrew names), please contact the Betenu office by clicking here.

Other honors are available for significant donations. Queries can be addressed to the Betenu office by clicking here.

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